Analytics, Reports, and Data Overview

Mazetec Analytics

Visualize Data with Analytics and Reports

Slice and dice your scenario data with custom visualizations, data filters and dashboards

  • Explore what people choose and how they react in your scenario
  • Measure scenario outcomes between versions or challenges
  • See the crowd, segments, and individual responses
  • Download your analytics data in Excel format

Data is the crown jewel of the Mazetec application and we strive to make it available to you. Our data encapsulate all of the attributes to show impact and outcome and we are always adding more and putting them into practice to understand the effectiveness of our novel approach to online learning. The goal of our results data to measure user engagement, experience, and learning by uncovering the data behind how users navigate through branching scenario-based challenges with all of the constraints and consequences of the real-world in an synchronous or asynchronous learn-by-doing digital environment.

Discover insights

  • Time on task - View overall time and time on each decision.
  • Engagement - Live choice feedback
  • Browser Tab activity - See if the user is searching the internet for answers while they're in the scenario.
  • Abandonment points - find out at what points does the user drop off.
  • Device/OS type - See the device type, model and OS version they are using.
  • Export data for use in R, SASS, SPSS and other statistical analysis programs

Visualize Results

Use the default dashboard or create your own to fit your needs.

Create custom visuals to fit your reporting needs.

Choose from:

  • Line graphs
  • Histogram
  • Pie Charts
  • Donut Charts
  • Metric grid / cross tabs
  • Metric list

Individual Path

  • Sequence of choices and path taken
  • Overall time
  • Time per node
  • Browser tab activity
  • Overall time
  • Participations
  • Abandonments
  • Restarts
  • Name or username (if passed in)
  • Total nodes viewed

Time Metrics

  • Date and time
  • Average time per question
  • Duration
  • Duration answering questions
  • Duration of time to answer each question
  • If time restriction is enabled: Time remaining on the clock.
  • Bonuses Time (Seconds added to the timer)
  • Penalties (Seconds subtracted from the timer)

Aggregated Scenario Analytics

  • Number of plays
  • Averages (Time, number of nodes)
  • Common statistical information
  • Attempt count
    • Fails
    • Timeouts
    • Completions
    • Abandonments
  • Average time per question
  • Average completion time
Last modified on October 11, 2020