Problem-based learning

Mimic the challenges of real life dilemmas through gamification

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We built Mazetec to create interactive problem-based scenarios to show why your content matters.

Immerse your students in a challenging, real-world situation designed to uncover gaps in their understanding and reaffirm their learning.

Show students the immediate impact of their decisions through engaging role-plays and real-world simulations that you design.

When you build interactive role-play scenarios with branching outcomes, your students see the immediate impact of their decisions. They’re challenged to practice their knowledge on scenarios you design, so that they take away as much as possible from your course.

As instructors, we know the best learning comes from experience.

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How a bill becomes a law
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Consistently the best part of every course!

Sarah Peterson, Online Training Manager

Sister Sky Inc.

"Adding Mazetec simulations to our Thinkific course offered enormous benefits.

First, we created an applied learning roleplay, linked inside a Thinkific lesson, that let our students experience a scenario that was incredibly close to a real-life roleplay. Second, Mazetec’s advanced reporting and data collection tools created even more opportunities for sophisticated statistical analysis."
Paul Quinnett, CEO

QPR Institute, Inc

“We've integrated Mazes into all of our trainings. The response we received from our users is AMAZING. Our Mazes only make up 2% of our courses, but they are consistently rated the NUMBER ONE BEST PART of our online self-guided courses. We've built over 100 Mazes now. They are a FANTASTIC COMPLEMENT to our trainings!”

When asked, students consistently ask for more problem-based role-play scenarios.

Create your own problem-based role-play scenarios in just a few clicks

Gamify the learning experience.
Engage students with interactive scenarios you design!
Explore results visually.

Practice makes perfect!

Activate critical thinking and reflection!
Empower students with game mechanics to prompt pressure or strategy.
Crowd source content and collaborate with colleagues.
Give students a safe space to practice challenging decision making.
Explore all the data visually!

Join the Platform for Teaching and Learning Mastery

  • Create interactive scenarios for training, presentations, and course lessons.
  • Share with your colleagues and friends
  • Discover all of the learning analytics.


Model your interactive simulation!

Challenge students with problem-based scenarios and immediate impact of decisions. Show why decisions matter, by putting the learner in a real-world situation to practice new skills or reflect their knowledge gaps. 

Branch decisions - "right" and "wrong" decision paths.
Consequences - Link to pitfalls, hints, and warnings.
Surveys - Capture feedback with Surveys.

Gamify your problem scenario!

Start the learner with $100 and subtract $10 for each wrong decision and add $10 for each right decision.
Create a race against the clock by limiting the time! Subtract time for poor decisions and add time for good decisions.
Compete with friends in presentation mode or become a game master and control your scenario.


Share your way!

  • Share with a link or embed in your course.
  • Password protect.
  • Limited attempts.
  • So much more


Discover new insights with Analytics

Captures everything and measures engagement.

Visually compare and categorize.

Export all of your data.

Integrate with the tool you already use!

Native app in Thinkific ecosystem

Easy integration into Moodle

Few click integration into Articulate

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Mazetec is committed to strong cybersecurity and data protection practices designed to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of our users applications.

Set access dates

You can create custom schedules for accessing scripts.

Password protection

You can require password or restrict the number of participants.

Embed permissions

Get specific about which websites have permission to embed your video.

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