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Create memorable learning experiences and playable simulations.

Create, collaborate and share playable simulations

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Engage emotionally and drive excitement anywhere

Present live and learners join or share as a link or embed in your LMS. Players work toward goals and navigate problem scenarios in their browser using critical thinking to make choices. Each decision a learner makes, moves them forward. Mazetec's high-pressure decision training reduces risk and improves business outcomes.

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Screenshot of the Mazetec editor. Add edit branching choices and connect those choices. Configure points and time. Change your editor view.


Create high-pressure scenarios to assess knowledge readiness using branching consequences, instant feedback, and follow up surveys. The possibilities are endless.

Engage and Incentivize

Turn up engagement with branching consequences, time control, points, and instant feedback. Define your own incentive engine with rewards and penalties for every decision.

virtual scenario learning analytics software

Publish and Share

Share with confidence, create secure shareable links for different audiences, control expiration dates, maximum plays, security settings and more.


Visually discover and categorize how people improve their decisions based on real-time, visual data that your team can put to use.

People who perform under pressure, train under pressure.

Mazetec's game engine gives you the power to create intense, high-pressure scenarios that can be played at a distance and on-demand.

Train for decision making

Make learning exciting and gratifying to ensure knowledge is sustained, retained, and applied.

Teach with pressure

Make every decision count. Manipulate time allowed and reward learners for good decisions (add time for right answers), and punish them for wrong answers (subtract time) – just like the real world works.

Personalize learning with consequences

Decisions have consequences, choose from 7 different consequence types for an even more engaging experience.


Customize your own training certificate for each training Maze. A verifiable ID is generated with each PDF certificate.

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Integrate with the tools you already use

Add simulations you design directly into course content that people can play in a browser.

Kickstart by uploading a PowerPoint

"Uploading my PowerPoint was easy and creating my first branched PBL scenario was as exciting as I hoped it would be."

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Played by over 45,000 learners worldwide.

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Interactive simulations in one platform

Start engaging with simulation that personalize learning and reflect the workplace realities of today in a safe learning environment.


Mobile Authoring

Intuitive and comprehensive. Simply connect decisions, choices, and consequences. Control game time pressures, randomization, feedback, and more while you develop scenarios on the desktop or mobile editor.


Simulation Player

Create secure sharable links and control access to your simulations. No account is needed to Play instantly. Maximize learner engagement in a distraction free environment on any device.


Advanced Analytics

See every decision made, where they hesitated, and each consequence experienced tracked by the millisecond. Discover learning patterns and knowledge gaps.


System Integration

Integrate with your LRS, LMS, or website and share Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn. Share with links or embed and many more integrations coming soon.


Gamify Consequences

Use a combination of consequences, points and more. Set a time limit. Subtract time and points for poor decisions. Add time and points for good decisions. Develop right, wrong, and unclear paths to mimic real-world pressure and uncertainty.

hybrid teaching with mazetec simulation live group play

Live Group Play Presentation Mode

Fire up hybrid class discussion and participation at scale in today's hybrid classrooms. Track and compare every decision from every learner in every class online or in-person. Keep track with traceable tagging, integration, and data collection.