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User limit (authors per organization)CommunityUp to 3 usersStandardUp to 5 usersPremiumper user
Branding customizationCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Import existing contentCommunityStandardPremium
Built-in simulation creation toolsCommunityStandardPremium
Maze simulation authoring packageCommunityStandardPremium
Maze simulations per accountCommunity Unlimited Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Maze simulation plays / end-users (students)Community Unlimited Standard Unlimited Premium Unlimited
Private spaceCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Public Community space CommunityStandardPremium
Analytics and reporting packageCommunityStandardPremium
Surveys and forms packageCommunityStandardPremium
Present Live with a group synchronouslyCommunityStandardPremium
Live Presentation HostsCommunity 1 Standard 2 Premium All users can host
Live Synchronized Participants (per session)Community 30 Standard 100 Premium 500
Live session analyticsCommunityStandardPremium
Transfer content between accountsCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Import Mazes and SurveysCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Download results dataCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Site subdomain CommunityStandardPremium
Link security and access controlsCommunityStandardPremium
Generate One-time Access linksCommunity Requires subscription StandardPremium
Version controlCommunityStandardPremium
Central account managementCommunityStandardPremium
xAPI and LRS integration Community Batch processed 24 hours Standard Batch processed 1 hour Premium Real-time
StorageCommunity 1 GB file storage Standard 10 GB file storage Premium 250 GB file storage
Audit logs CommunityStandardPremium
SupportCommunity Knowledge Base Standard 24 hours Premium Local Business Hours
Scalable Cloud Hosting Uptime SLACommunity - Standard 99.5% Premium 99.95%
Org-level BillingCommunity - StandardPremium


Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Online

When you create your account you will have the opportunity to select your plan. If you are on a free plan and wish to upgrade your account in your account goto your Organizational Setting >> Subscription and click Change Plan. Select a paid plan and add your payment method. We will accept online payments for Mazetec monthly and annual payment plan.

Credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) via our secure payment partnership with Stripe. Currently, we can only accept credit card payments online Mazetec annual and monthly payment plans.

Mazetec is an American-based company co-located in Maryland, Washington, and Idaho. As such, states at this time do not collect tax on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. However, Federal and State tax law and regulations change annually.

Mazetec's payment terms are strictly Net 0-day. This means that the license key(s) or Mazetec Cloud subscription will only be made available after full payment is received. If you have placed your order but find that you are waiting for your organization to make the payment, you can contact us and request a fully-functional trial license key to help you cope with any bureaucratic delays.

This may be an authorization hold if you are using a Visa. When possible, we recommend customers do not use Visa debit cards. This is because Visa debit cards place an authorization hold on funds (making them unavailable) for the amount of the purchase. Mazetec settles the transaction immediately (known as settlement), but the authorization hold can remain from 1-5 days until it falls off depending on Visa's and your bank's policies. If the funds are not made available 5 days after the transaction, we recommend contacting your bank to see when the authorization hold will drop off

Refunds for Mazetec Cloud are only available within the first paid month after the trial period for monthly subscriptions and within 30 days of payment for annual subscriptions. After these periods we cannot offer refunds.

Log in to your Mazetec account. Navigate to your organization settings. Click Subscription. Click the Cancel Subscription to request the cancellation of your account.

Log in to your Mazetec account. Navigate to your organization settings. Click Subscription. Click the Change Plan. Select the new Mazetec subscription that works for you. The new plan will automatically be prorated for the current billing cycle.

Of course! Mazetec Cloud subscriptions that renew Monthly or Annually are set up for automatic renewals by default.

No, Mazetec products are proprietary software applications. Mazetec's software is still very flexible and customizable; source modifications may be performed on request.