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Everything you need to create, share, and analyze virtual scenarios!

Collaboratively build and deliver engaging virtual learning on any topic! Loved by thousands of learners!

Engaged Learners! Amazing Feedback!

"Consistently the best part of the class everyone loves." - QPR Instructor

Mazetec is a turn-key virtual scenario platform with a built-in game engine.

Mazetec Scenario Based Training System

The best learning comes from experience.

Demonstrate why choices matter with branching decisions and consequences.

Boost engagement and outcomes with real-world scenarios. Build asynchonous microlessons, surveys, virtual learning games, interactive practice challenges, role-play simulations, and learning experiences that prople love to play.

Create branching scenarios

Design interactive scenarios based learning experiences that prople love to play.

Gamify with points and time

Show impact with points and time penalties or bonuses. Simulate real-world pressures.

Spark critical thinking and decision-making in complex situations

Define an individualized learning experience. Set your choices and consequences and pipe answers forward for a more build in pre and post surveys or open ended questions to capture specific user feedback.

“I never thought of deliberately influencing students to make errors in order to have memorable learning experiences, but it makes a lot of sense and I can see how effective it is. You'd much rather a student failed in a simulated situation so they can be aware of and avoid making the mistake in real life situations.” - John (Beta Author)

Activate reflection and good decision making by requiring learners to actively prove their knowledge with correct decisions. Learners naturally skip what they know, to finish trainings faster.

“Absolutely loved the concept of learning through a virtual scenario! As a learner, I was instantly transported into the situation.” - beta tester

Boost your ROI and improve effectiveness by reducing mandatory compliance training time. Train with reelastic scenarios and let good decision makers skip what they already know to finish faster.

Create custom reports in our analytics, allow authors to explore questions in the data.

Interactive Scenarios in one Platform

Engage and personalize learning with realistic and authentic Virtual Scenarios. Reflect the workplace realities of today in a safe learning environment.


Scenario Authoring

Intuitive and comprehensive. Simply connect decisions, choices, and consequences. Control game time pressures, randomization, feedback, and more while you develop scenarios on the desktop or mobile editor.


Mobile Scenario Player

Create secure sharable links and control access to your scenarios. No account is needed to Play instantly. Maximize learner engagement in a distraction free environment on any device.


Advanced Analytics

See every decision made, where they hesitated, and each consequence experienced tracked by the millisecond. Discover learning patterns and knowledge gaps.


Social Integration

Integrate with your website and share Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and LinkedIn. Share with links or embed and many more integrations coming soon.


Gamified Consequences

Use a combination of consequences, points and more. Set a time limit. Subtract time and points for poor decisions. Add time and points for good decisions. Develop right, wrong, and unclear paths to mimic real-world pressure and uncertrainty.


Pre/Post Surveys

Create Surveys and open ended questions; capture follow-up contact info; create and compare Pre and Post Surveys, and open ended-questions for your experiemental decision paths ('Why did you choose that?'). Include at any point into your maze using the Form node.


Team Collaboration

Add collaborators, see history of changes, create versions, and manage visability and permissions.

Create, collaborate and share playable scenarios.

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Amazing Feedback

From healthcare to cyber-security, grade school to grad school, our users love building and delivering learning Mazes. Subject Matter Experts (SME), Professionals, Trainers, Teachers, Instructors, Coaches and more love Mazetec because their learners and students love Mazetec.


We're always researching new ways to to boost Mazetec's evidence-based platform, grounded in theories from Education, Psychology, and Computer Science and built on state-of-the-art technology designed to compliment and integrate with your existing learning ecosystem.

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