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Build, share, and analyze interactive simulations for virtual scenarios, role-plays, and more.

Mazetec is your turn-key collaboration training platform to create, share, and analyze interactive role-play simulations.

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Gamify learning Mountain with light hot air balloon to gamify your classroom remotely

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hybrid teaching and learning insights using game based learning for remote teaching

Tools for interactive group and remote web-based simulations.

The best learning comes from experience.

Engineered for user's with low bandwidth and mobile ready.

See who is paying attention without the camera. Automatically capture attendance and every action for each learner.

Create interactive branching presentations

Branch choices to consequences, pipe answers, ans survey for a dynamic role-play real-world experience.

Gamify with points and time

Simulate real-world pressures. Show impact with points and time penalties or bonuses.

Gamify learning Mountain with light hot air balloon to gamify your classroom remotely

Role-play with a group synchronously or as an asynchronous solo activity.

Show why choices matter with decision making and consequences.

Reduce time needed for mandatory compliance training and improve effectiveness. Reward good decisions with content skipping to finish faster. Assign just-in-time consequences for poor decisions.

Activate reflection and critical thinking with high-pressure scenarios using points and time pressure.

Crowd source your content with open choices and surveys.

See results and explore questions in the data.

Remote Simulation Group Play

Features for interactive group and remote simulations

Engage learners as a group in a synchronous interactive simulation or individually as a solo asynchronous problem-based challenge.


Simulation Authoring

Intuitive and comprehensive. Connect choices with consequences. Control game time pressures, randomization, feedback, and more while you develop simulations on the desktop or mobile editor.


Mobile Simulation Player

Create secure sharable links and control access to your scenarios. No account is needed to Play instantly. Maximize learner engagement in a distraction free environment on any device.

learning analytics gamified learning analytics

Advanced Analytics

See every decision made, where they hesitated, and each consequence experienced tracked by the millisecond. Discover learning patterns and knowledge gaps.

Use xAPI to integrate Mazetec into your learning ecosystem and add hybrid learning


Seamless integration with your existing learning ecosystem. xAPI compliant, Zoom, Teams, WebEx, site widgets, embed or link and more.


Gamified Experience

Use a combination of consequences, points and more. Set a time limit. Subtract time and points for poor decisions. Add time and points for good decisions. Develop right, wrong, and unclear paths to mimic real-world pressure and uncertainty.

hybrid teaching with Mazetec live simulation group play

Live Group Play - Presentation Mode

Fire up hybrid class discussion and participation at scale in today's hybrid classrooms. Track and compare every decision from every learner in every class online or in-person. Keep track with traceable tagging, integration, and data collection.


Pre/Post Surveys

Create Surveys and open-ended questions: capture follow-up contact info, create and compare Pre and Post Surveys, and open-ended questions for your experimental decision paths, e.g., 'Why did you choose that?' Insert your queries at any point into your maze using the Form node.


Team Collaboration

Add collaborators, see history of changes, create versions, and manage visibility and permissions.

Create, collaborate and share playable simulations.

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Amazing Feedback

From healthcare to cyber-security, grade school to grad school, our users love building and delivering learning Mazes. Subject Matter Experts (SME), Professionals, Trainers, Teachers, Instructors, Coaches and more love Mazetec because their learners and students love Mazetec.


We're always researching new ways to to boost Mazetec's evidence-based platform, grounded in theories from Education, Psychology, and Computer Science and built on state-of-the-art technology designed to compliment and integrate with your existing learning ecosystem.

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