Personalize Audio Learning

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Personalize Audio Learning

December 18 2023

Personalize Audio Learning with Dynamic Audio in the Latest Release

In our latest software release, we're thrilled to introduce a range of exciting improvements that are set to revolutionize your text-to-speech (TTS) experience for personalized learning. With a strong focus on enhancing the audio learning journey, this update offers a plethora of features that will make your educational content truly dynamic and engaging.

Personalize Audio Learning with Dynamic Audio

Use the New Text-Based Variables to Personalize Your Audio

The cornerstone of this release is the introduction of text-based variables. With this powerful feature, you can now personalize your audio content in ways never seen before. Whether you're a teacher, trainer, or content creator, this means you can dynamically insert specific information such as student names, course details, or any other variable directly into your audio scripts. This personalization adds a whole new dimension to your learning materials, making them highly relevant and engaging for every individual.

Generate Audio with Student Names to Heighten Learning

Imagine a student listening to their own name within a lesson—this is now possible! Our software enables you to seamlessly integrate student names into the audio content. By doing so, you create a connection between the learner and the material that fosters engagement and retention. It's a small change with a big impact on the learning experience.

Students Can Now Hear Their Name in the Audio

To top it off, students can now hear their own names spoken within the audio. This level of personalization not only grabs their attention but also reinforces the feeling of being an active participant in the learning process. It's a game-changer for personalized education.

Editor Enhancements

Our commitment to improving your experience doesn't stop with audio personalization. We've made several editor enhancements that streamline your workflow and make content creation a breeze.

  • Updated Selling Tools Design for Dark Mode: For those who prefer working in dark mode, the editor's selling tools design has been revamped for a sleek and modern look.
  • Clear Indication of Default Font Style and Size: We've made it crystal clear what the default font style and size are, ensuring consistency in your content.
  • Improved Usability for Deleting Link Buttons: Deleting link buttons is now a more intuitive process, reducing the chances of accidental deletions.
  • No Need to Center Content: Say goodbye to the hassle of centering content; you have more flexibility in your designs.
  • Monthly Announcements in Activity Emails: Stay informed with monthly announcements delivered right to your inbox.
  • Improved Student Logging: We've made significant improvements to student logging for a more comprehensive view of user activity.
  • Updates to International Languages on the Maze Player: Enhancements have been made to the international language support in the Maze player.
  • Improved Dark Mode on Preview: Dark mode lovers, rejoice! Dark mode on preview is now even better.
  • Ability to Show Restart Button in Exam Mode: Customize the student experience with the option to show a restart button in exam mode after a student passes.
  • Handling Long URLs in the Editor: Say goodbye to formatting issues with long URLs; our editor now handles them with grace.

TTS Voice Generation Enhancements

Voice generation is at the heart of our software, and this release brings several improvements to make it even better.

  • TTS Audio Generates on Save Button Click: Generating TTS audio is now as simple as clicking the save button.
  • Automatic Connect Nodes When Creating a New Node: Seamlessly connect nodes when creating new content, saving you valuable time.
  • Improved Synchronization in Presenter Mode: Presenter mode now offers smoother synchronization for a seamless learning experience.
  • TTS Audio Reads Choices in Correct Order: When "randomize choices" is enabled, TTS audio now reads choices in the correct order, ensuring clarity.
  • TTS Audio View Updates: The TTS audio view has been enhanced across desktop, iPad, and mobile previews for a consistent experience.
  • TTS Voice Auto Play with Conditional Logic: Enjoy an improved TTS voice auto-play experience when using conditional logic.

Bug Fixes

Our commitment to delivering a seamless experience extends to addressing any issues that may arise.

  • Enhancements to Branding-Free Feature: We've made enhancements to the branding-free feature on the AI Creator Pro plan for a more professional touch to your content.
  • Improved Auto-Saving: Our software now handles auto-saving more efficiently, even in unreliable network conditions.
  • Resolved Errors with Subscription Plan Switching: Switching between subscription plans is now error-free.
  • New Modal for Release: We've introduced a new modal to keep you informed about the latest updates and changes.
  • Tooltip and Design Improvement: A more intuitive experience awaits with improved tooltips and design when scrolling through the "connect your choice" modal.
  • Version Control Enhancements: Manage your content versions more effectively with our enhanced version control features.
  • Improved Tablet Editor Design: The tablet editor design has been improved for a smoother editing experience on tablets.

These enhancements are just the beginning of what's in store for our users. We're committed to continuously improving our software to empower educators, trainers, and content creators to deliver engaging, personalized learning experiences like never before. Embrace these updates and take your audio learning to new heights!

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