Unlock New Revenue Streams with new selling tools

Upsell digital certificates to Unlock New Revenue Streams

Unlock New Revenue Streams with new selling tools

March 25 2023

Upsell digital training products directly in your learning maze.

Mazetec is excited to announce new upselling tools that will allow course creators to monetize their hard work and dedication to teaching. Our new certificate selling feature allows course creators to offer digital certificates of completion to students who finish their course, and make a profit doing so.

With this feature, course creators can set a price for the certificate, and students will be prompted to pay for it upon completion of the course. The certificate will only be generated and made available for download once payment is completed.

This feature is not only a great way for course creators to earn revenue, but it also adds value to the students' learning experience by providing a tangible representation of their accomplishment. Plus, with the ability to sell certificates through micro purchases, it makes it easy for students to access the certificates they want at a price point that works for them.

To get started, simply connect your PayPal account to your Mazetec account, create your certificate, and add it to your course. You can track your sales and payments through the PayPal Transaction History in your Organizational Settings.

Additionally, we have made sure that the payment process is seamless and secure, with transaction fees (PayPal + Mazetec) added on to the payable amount and passed on to the student. The fees may vary slightly based on PayPal's fees, which change over time and vary based on the location of the user.

Overall, this new feature is a win-win for both course creators and students, and we are excited to see how it will enhance the learning experience on Mazetec. We encourage all of our course creators to take advantage of this opportunity and start monetizing their courses today.