Teach smarter, learn faster.

Visually create engaging problem-based learning games, that are playable in a browser.

1. Create

Model your interactive scenario

Create scenarios that mimic the challenges of real life dilemma or the workplace by connecting choices and consequences.

Mazetec is grounded in active learning strategies such as scenario-based learning (SBL), problem-based learning (PBL), and gamification.

Gamify tensions, distractions and uneven issues that build up pressures that can make real-life decisions more difficult - in just a few clicks.

  • Simulate - real-world situations as playable decision trees.
  • PowerPoint - Jump start your scenario with a PowerPoint.
  • Branch decisions - "right" and "wrong" decision paths.
  • Consequences - Link to pitfalls, hints, and warnings.
  • Gamify - Define time and decision point values.
  • Collaborate - invite and build with colleages.
  • Surveys - Capture feedback with Surveys.

Build your scenario by linking different node types

Scene node

Move the story forward, set the scene and branch choices to other nodes. Connect choices to scenes and consequences to build your scenario. Link to other types of nodes.

Form node

Add pre/post surveys and open-ended questions to collect feedback or demographic data during play. Optionally, pause the timer so the user isn’t rushed and connect the next node. Create Forms or Surveys in the Forms editor.

Fail node

Some choices are unacceptable or fatal, route them to the Fail node. Reaching a Fail node ends play as incomplete and presents the option to start over. A scenario can have none or many Fail nodes.

Hint node

Offer a hint and return them to the previous scene to make a better choice during play. Optionally, pause the timer (if enabled) to give time for reflection.

Warning node

Poor choices have consequences. Connect poor choices to a warning during play, displays a message and sends the user back to the previous scene. Make it feel real and heighten the experience. Enable the timer or game credits and issue a penalty that impacts time or credits.

Finish node

A successful pass ending to a scenario. Reaching a Finish node will end a players session. A scenario can have one or many Finish nodes.

2. Launch

Share and Distribute!

Played in a browser. People learn by faster making decisions and experiencing the consequeses!

Learners nagivate the problem scenario in their browser by making choices, critically thinking, and applying their knowledge to solve your scenario. Each decision a learner makes moves them forward in the scenario.

Accelerate learning with active learning. Learners make decisions under pressure and experiencing the consequeses in a safe-environment. Mazetec simulates the feeling of learning under pressure.

Show impact value by assigning rewards and points to each decision.

  • Share as a link.
  • Embed or link on your website.
  • Integrate with your existing learning ecosystem.
  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pintrest.

3. Discover

Impressive Reports and Amazing Results

Discover the choices that move people forward.

Visually compare and categorize how people react under pressure in different scenarios and see people improve their decisions across multiple attempts.

Create custom reports

  • Visually compare performance under pressure
  • See people improve decisions over time
  • Customize your analytics dashboard
  • Create custom visualizations
  • Review survey results

Game-based training with Mazetec is free to try, easy to set up, and quick to launch.

98% of Mazetec users launch their first scenario within a week.

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We're always researching new ways to to boost Mazetec's evidence-based platform, grounded in theories from Education, Psychology, and Computer Science and built on state-of-the-art technology designed to compliment and integrate with your existing learning ecosystem.

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