Teach smarter, learn faster.

Visually create engaging problem-based learning simulations, that are playable in a browser.

A Platform for Teaching and Learning Mastery

  • Create interactive scenarios for training, presentations, and course lessons.

  • Deployed with a link by email or text.

  • Capture all of the learning analytics.

Learning is a feedback loop.

Shorten the loop with interactive challenges and decision making.

Tools to quickly create challenging simulations and scenarios that show the immediate impact of decisions.

Why Mazetec?

  • Collaborate with colleagues on content
  • Game mechanics to prompt pressure or strategy
  • Use it live with a group or individual activity/ exam
  • Works with Articulate Rise, Storyline, Thinkific, and more

Challenge students to use what they know to navigate simulations you design.

Mazetec flow

The greatest life-lessons come from our decisions.

1. Create your simulation

Jump start with examples from the community.

Simulate problem-based scenarios that students want to play, in just a few clicks.

  • Branch choices - Create "right" and "wrong" decision paths.
  • Gamify - Add points or points for immediate feedback.
  • Collaborate - invite and build with colleagues.
  • Survey - Capture feedback with Surveys.
Screenshot of the Mazetec slide editor. Add edit branching choices and connect those choices. Configure points and time. Change your editor view.

Connect+ choices to pitfalls, hints, and more.

Decision Branch

Connect branching choices to different decision paths that move the scenario forward. Pipe responses forward. Crowd source your choices with Open Choice. Match free text with the Conditional Logic node.


Connect a hint for reflection, pause the timer, and return them to the previous scene to make a better choice during play.

Forms and Surveys

Add pre and post surveys or ask open-ended questions, “Why did you choose that?”


Poor choices have consequences! Link poor choices to a warning and send students back to make a better choice. Subtract time or points to show impact.


Some choices are unacceptable. Reaching a Fail node ends the simulation, but presents the option to restart or redirect. Build in none or many Fail outcomes or reuse the same one.


A successful Finish ends the scenario and allows the student to continue on in your course or redirect to another site.

Conditional Logic

If this, jump to that! Build dynamic logical conditions using variables (text matching, points, time, and more) with logical operators to route students to a new branch when the conditions are met.

2. Share & integrate

Consistently the best part of every course!

Create a secure link, for asynchronous learning.
  • Share with a link.
  • Embed on your website.
  • Integrate with your course on Thinkific, Articulate Rise and Storyline, Blackboard, and more.
Host live sessions with a class
  • See real-time feedback
  • Capture and download attendance
  • Keep score with a leaderboard
  • Re-use your simulations with a live audience
  • Learn more about Group Play
Screenshot of the Mazetec editor Link builder. Add edit branching choices and connect those choices. Configure points and time. Change your editor view.

3. Amazing Results

Create Impressive Dashboards

Visually compare and categorize outcomes.

Create custom reports:

  • Customize your analytics dashboard
  • Define custom visualizations
  • Export all of your data
virtual scenario learning analytics software

Mazetec is free to use, easy to set up, and quick to launch.

98% of Mazetec users launch their first simulation within a week.

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We're always researching new ways to to boost Mazetec's evidence-based platform, grounded in theories from Education, Psychology, and Computer Science and built on state-of-the-art technology designed to compliment and integrate with your existing learning ecosystem.

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