How to embed a Maze or create an embedded link

Create an embedded maze link so that you can embed a Maze into your website or LMS.

Configuration Options

  • Fit to frame (selected by default): This will reduce the margins and fit the content to the player.
  • Remove Header: Remove the header from the player view, but if points or time are enabled then you should leave this enabled.
  • Remove Footer: Removes the footer from the player view and also the light/dark toggle option.

If they want to embed a maze like a YouTube video then here are then steps to generate to embed code:


  1. Open the editor and click "Publish"
  2. Add the version, click next
  3. Add a tag to the link so you remember which link will be hosted on their website. You can also filter their results in the analytics. Click "next" to open the Distribute Link modal.
  4. Configure Embed Link options, if necessary.
  5. Copy the embed code. The iframe code is on the right side.
  6. Paste the embed link into your website or LMS.
Last modified on January 11, 2021