About Mazetec Software

Learning is a hands-on feedback loop. Mazetec aims to shorten the loop and focus attention to accelerate learning.

Mazetec is for engaging instructors, subject matter experts, teams, and storytellers to create, track, and deliver playable, real-world experiences.

We built Mazetec to give instructors the tools to show impact immediately, demonstrate the value of knowledge, and to allow learners to experience the meaning of their decisions in a safe environment.

Skills, judgement, and intuition are all a result of focused repetitive practice.

We blend scenario-based learning and constructivism to perfect problem-based learning.

Mazetec allows you to build real-world scenarios that link choices to consequences, teachers can add or subtract time, points, or other penalties or rewards to show learners why choices matter.

Mazetec is completely self-service, and your team can collaborate to build scenarios within your organizational account.

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Principles on Learning

  1. The best learning comes from experience.
Distracted or disengaged students? Mazetec was built for you.
  • Know-it-alls, they think they already know it
  • Day dreamers, disengaged, distracted or can't focus
  • Do-ers, Can only learn by doing and through experience
  • Speeders, they just click and guess as fast as they can.

Mazetec naturally engages focused attention and interactivity. If the scenario’s outcome from one or more choices represents a real-world adverse outcome, e.g., a surgical error, a missed suicide warning sign, or an IRS audit, you can simulate that outcome in a Mazetec scenario and provide learners a safe environment to practice until they reach an error free performance and achieve a perfect score.

Rather than telling the learner what to do, create a scenario and let them try it for themselves.

Mazetec allows you to setup decisions and the consequences of each decision. Give points for different choices.

Mazetec – Scenario-Based Learning Platform

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Web Application
  • Team management
  • Authoring Tool
  • Scenario Player
  • Analytics

Branching Scenario Editor

  • Ability to create scenarios
  • Point and click environment
  • Mobile ready
  • Scenario Player
  • Distraction free

Learn More about the Maze Editor

Gamification Settings

  • Build branching scenarios in the visual editor that people can play with a link.
  • Ability to limit the time, thus creating a race against the clock and time pressure.

    • Pressure changes the way people make decisions, give ppl 5 seconds to make a decision or 50 seconds or no timer at all.
  • Create your own points you can have prefix and suffix on your scenario credits and you can start a user with 100 and only subtract and fail them when they reach 0.

    • e.g. points can be

      • 50 Latnum
      • 10 Knuts
      • $5.00
      • 100 Points
      • Life force 100%

Learn more about how to setup a learning game

Node types

  • Scene - branching node
  • Warning - sends the user back and subtracts points or time.
  • Hint - can pause the timer if enabled, sends the user back to the previous node. This is meant to serve as a point of reflection.
  • Form - collect data using a survey or form at any point
  • Fail - Fails the user, but encourages them to restart.
  • Finish - The user finished the scenario successfully.

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Scenario player try an example below. You can have custom branding.


Learn how to add a team member

Roles, and Permissions

Invite other users to your account and share your scenarios or keep them private or invite others to edit.

Privacy controls

on the links, set a password, set expiration dates, add tags, require name and email.

Visualize Results with Analytics

Slice and dice your scenario data with custom visualizations, data filters and dashboards

  • Explore what people choose and how they react in your scenario
  • Measure scenario outcomes between versions or challenges
  • See the crowd, segments, and individual responses
  • Download your analytics data in Excel format

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  • xAPI
  • Federated integration with an existing LMS
  • Return the scenario results to the main system

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Mazetec is grounded by research

Read it here

Constructivism educational theory

  • Learn by doing, engage the learner in a safe environment.
  • Allow the learner to experience consequences of their decisions and get feedback and reflect.

State-dependent learning

  • Research in psychology found that if you learn the material in a specific state of mind it is better recalled in the same state of mind (if you need to perform under pressure then you should learn under pressure)
  • We implement this with Time-Pressure and a points system which can work together

Learning Technologies We asked what technologies exist that employs constructivism and state-dependency?

  • Mazetec is domain independent for real problems (e.g. crisis management, medical case-based reasoning, military training)
  • Knowledge and science evolve, Mazetec is ready for it.
  • Easily employ gamification, constructivism, and state-dependency into your lessons.
Last modified on May 10, 2021