How are people using Mazetec

Common Use Cases

  • Test-based Adventures: Do you fight the dragon or run from it?
  • Microlessons: Teach 1 thing in 5 min or less.
  • Scenarios and Situational Training: You're a doctor, a patient walks into the room and has symptoms X, Y, and Z. What decision do you make? Do you treat, prescribe, refer, or what?

What are people using Mazetec for?

  • The Durham County Public Schools in NC and Fairfax County Schools in VA to teach K-12 remotely.
  • The DoD Defense Health Agency for training Covid-19 procedures.
  • The Ohio State Department of Corrections for training new correctional officers who had previously been trained using classroom role-play sessions. 
  • It's currently being used by the Wisconsin elections board to train volunteer election officials and poll workers who had previously been trained using classroom scenarios.

Who else is using Mazetec?

Many public and private school systems, community colleges, universities and training companies.

Training Companies
Last modified on May 23, 2021