Overview Integration

Mazetec xAPI Integration

Built to integrate. Our goal is to integrate with learning standards and provide an open interface for other tools and systems.We strive to integrate with your existing ecosystem and tools. We are working toward industry standards such as xAPI, LTI, SCORM, and webhooks to enhance and compliment the learning system you already use.


Embed directly into any Learning Management System (LMS) lesson, multimedia activity, with an iFrame or lightbox. Our player adapts to embedded view when &reducemargin=true is in the link to reduce the scroll. Add &removeheader=true to remove the header or if credits and/or the timer is enabled the header will appear in the top center as a small tab the learner can see their score or remaining time.

Data Cohesion

Pass in learner details to keep track of learner results.

Experience API (xAPI)

Integration with xAPI to integrate with your existing Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Repository Store (LRS), or HR system.

Webhooks and player events

Trigger system to system actions to prevent the learner from skipping an integrated activity by hiding or disabling the next button until the learner has completed the Maze within your course system.

Last modified on May 23, 2021