Mazetec Survey, forms and Open questions

Create and embed surveys and open-ended questions into your scenario.

  • Reuse the same surveys and forms across many scenarios
  • Ask why a decision was made or path taken or evaluate feedback
  • Collect data with open-ended responses, ratings, checkboxes, Likert scales and more

Surveys built in Mazetec are reusable so you can create one pre-survey and one post-survey and reuse them in three or four different Mazes independent of each other.

There is no extra cost for using our survey and form system.

Survey Data Types

  • Text
  • Checkbox
  • Radio Group
  • Dropdown
  • Comment
  • Rating
  • Conditional logic

Survey Data

The survey data can be found by navigating to the survey in question and clicking the line graph for a graphical view and under the more "..." button for itemized individual results.

Version control and data integrity

Version control allows you to make changes without impacting the live version. Results data tie back their version of a survey.

Last modified on May 23, 2021