xAPI Integration


The Experience API (xAPI) is the new LMS standard recently adopted by the DoD in October, 2017. xAPI allows Learning Management Systems, Learning Repository Stores, and Activity Providers to communicate with each other so a course author can chain together many different experience in differing systems, and yet see the learners progress through all of the systems. The xAPI enables a learning ecosystem.

What is xAPI?

xAPI is an application programming interface which allows software applications to exchange data regarding human activity. Designed for the domain of learning, xAPI provides a means of allowing the capture of data on human performance as well as the pedagogical or experiential context of that performance.

How it works

xAPI allows applications to share human and machine readable activity streams of data based on the simple structure of "actor:verb:object". Each individual data statement is referred to as a Learning Record. Clients, such as Mazetec, that produce Learning Records are called Learning Record Providers (LRP). A server responsible for receiving, storing, and providing access to these Learning Records is called a Learning Record Store (LRS). And a client that accesses data from a Learning Record Store for the purpose of processing the data is called a Learning Record Consumer (LRC).

Elements of the xAPI Activity Statement

The xAPI protocol defines the standard identifiers and events that we send.

Statement Element Definition Value
Actor An identity of the person who did the thing. The user identifier (id or email), identifying the player that performed the event
Verb The action being done by the actor. A selection, representing the player’s choice type of interaction;
Object The thing the actor is acting on. This is normally an activity, but can also be a person, group or even another statement. The option the user selected or the name of the node
Result The outcome of the experience e.g. success, completion, score etc. Pass or fail
Activity time duration
Context The context of the experience, e.g. the larger learning activity this formed a part of, any other related activities, the instructor or team, the platform and language used in the experience. The URL of the players location within the maze, maze name, platform name
Timestamp When the experience happened. time and date


Statement key maze_play_events value
Name Name, or
authenticated username, or
not given.
Email Email, or
authenticated email, or
not given.

Learner Events (Verbs)

xAPI Event Description
launch When the learner opens a new maze simulation.
start When the learner visits the start node.
scene When the learner visits scene node
scene → select option When the learner selects an option from scene node
warning When the learner visits warning node
hint When the learner visits hint node
form When the learner submits a survey or form
finish When the learner finishes or passes a maze
fail When the learner fails a maze
timeout When then learner runs out of time
credit over When the learner runs out of credits
restart When the learner restarts the maze

Configuring xAPI

You must be an organization admin to configure the xAPI integration settings.

Navigate to: Initials >> Organizational Settings >> xAPI Integration

Field Description
URL Endpoint URL of the Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Repository Store (LRS) where you are sending the xAPI data.
API Key The API key for the LMS or LRS
API Secret The API Secret for the LMS or LRS
Update interval The frequency to send the user data


    "actor": {
      "mbox": "mailto:dan@example.com",
      "name": "Dan",
      "objectType": "Agent"
    "verb": {
      "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/verbs/launched",
      "display": {
        "en-US": "launched"
    "object": {
      "id": "http://adlnet.gov/expapi/activities/5efd71e6183e0f1727839f33-9f6f874f-f045-4ffa-b6bf-bc1c61ac5573",
      "definition": {
        "name": {
          "en-US": "Basic General Knowledge - Section 1"
        "description": {
          "en-US": "Dan launched Basic General Knowledge - Section 1 maze"
      "objectType": "Activity"
    "timestamp": "2020-07-02T05:34:37.579Z",  // st


Last modified on May 23, 2021