Releases 21 and 22

New features to seamlessly integrate with your learning system.

Releases 21 and 22

February 07 2021

The release is all about improving the learner's experience and keeping them remain focused on the content and the learning. We go through great lengths to build seamless integrations so learner can stay focused rather than the cracks of a clunky integration between two systems.

So far we have completed total system integration with JoomlaLMS, Articulate, and now we are adding Thinkific to the list!

We have also released our pricing as we transition away from our public beta over the next several months. In the coming months we have many more updates planned so stay turned. We will send out more reminders, but if you do not choose a paid plan your account will default to a “free” account.

See what's new in this release

Hide the Restart button

You can now hide the Restart button on the finish node. The toggle to hide the restart button is setting is configured in Finish node, located below the text editor.

Content Editing

We updated the editor to reflect the tools you most commonly use! Adjust images

See new features for content editing:

  • New image tools
  • Image Captions
  • Autolinking
  • Table tools

New embedded design

We released enhancements to the embedded view.

  • Add &reducemargin=true to your link to minimize the margins for a more adaptive design.
  • The footer is now a minimized tab.
  • Add &removeheader=true to remove the header. If and credits and/or the time limit are enabled the header will appear in the top center as a minimalist tab.
  • Pass in learner's name and email to capture their attempt in the analytics.


We’re giving you more control over your data to filter and download it for your research.

  • Download results data for all the plays
  • Download your forms and mazes
  • Download past participant data from presentations


We’re working to make it easier than ever to author roleplays on your phone.

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Dashboard usability

Other Fixes and updates

  • Fixed the date error with the individual analytics export.
  • Account invitations
  • Presentation join fixes
  • Remove participants in presentation mode
  • Improvements to the leaderboard during live play
  • Solve scroll issues in form survey container
  • Remove the close warning modal.

Coming soon

  • Consolidated analytics views
  • A number of times the user visited a node,
  • Exit node redirecting,
  • Integrate suggested user choice functionality
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