Action Mapping

What is Action Mapping?

Action Mapping

February 13 2022

What is Action Mapping? It's a more effective way deliver content to learner.

  • Puts the learner in the work situation
  • Mirrors what learners need to do to reach the business goal

Action mapping is an industry-wide visual approach to e-learning, which focuses on performance, not information - so what learners need to do, not what they need to know.

Action mapping uses activities, which mirror what learners need to do to reach the business goal. The activities put the learner in the work situation, and ask them to make decisions like the ones they would in real life.

Flip your classroom

Mazetec makes scenarios more measurable than ever before that was designed to meet the needs of the action mapping process and allows for modular performance testing.

The goal is to get away from a mere information dump and allow for independent study and e-learning during moderated modules.

To maintain learners attention, there is a need for embedded course activities to maintain engagement, as well as a variable objectives for each target audience with an element of storytelling - numerous studies show that storytelling ranks as one of the highest methods for conceptual recall among students.

Try this example from the Community. Copy it to your account.

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