Exam mode and Mazetec for Google Slides

New features, our Google Slides Add-on, and more!

Exam mode and Mazetec for Google Slides

January 26 2022

Today we are announcing several new features all from user feedback. Learn more about our latest releases

Exam Mode

Turn any Maze into an exam.

Enable “Exam mode” in your Maze Settings and defining a passing score. The score is a minimum threshold that the student must achieve in order to pass. Set a custom message if the user passes or fails. Configure options to meet your needs.

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Google Slides Plugin

Mazetec is now an official Google Slides Add-on.

Mazetec™ for Google Slides™ brings the engaging power of Mazetec to Google Slides to create interactive branching presentations so you can show the immediate impact of decisions. Design your presentation in Google Slides and engage your learners live synchronously or asynchronously with Mazetec.

  • Turn any presentation into an exam, roleplay, game, or simulations with branching, points, time, and more.

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New Branding Free Plan

By user request, we now have a new plan to allow you to remove the Footer branding.

  • To use it you will have the option to remove all branding under the link controls when you publish.
  • You can change to the branding free plan now, by going to Organizational Settings >> Subscription >> Change Plan.

Community Enhancements

  • Easier to Copy from preview. A "Copy to my account" button is now displayed on the Mazes that are published to the Community.
  • Create from Community. You can now access all of the Mazes in the community from your dashboard when you click New Maze.

Improvements and clean up in the Community

  • Remove the duplicated maze from the featured maze section
  • Remove the fake mazes from the community page.
  • Remove the mazes from the community which belongs to testing organization on production.

Platform Enhancements

We want to hear from you! We'll be reaching out to new users on your feedback and experience.

Bug Fixes

  • xAPI enhancements
  • Updates to the free plans
  • Updates to the Folder functionality
  • Removed maze seeding
  • Updated the guided tour
  • Analytics data processing enhancements

Learn more about our latest releases

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