Fall 2022 New Feature Announcements

New Conditional logic features, tons of usability enhancements and new data import and export abilities.

Fall 2022 New Feature Announcements

November 04 2022

What's new with Mazetec Software?

New Conditional Logic Features!

If this, then skip to that."

screenshot Mazetec conditional logic node showing the variables and operators in an example

Magically teleport your students to next step in your role-play when the conditions are right!

Here’s what you need to know:
  • Mix and match student’s score, time, and other variables to route them on different paths.
  • Combine variables with operators (<, >, <=, >=, !=, ==, AND, OR) to create flexible conditions that meet your needs!
  • Build Conditions in the flow of learning. When a student selects a choice linked to a Conditional node, the Conditions are processed in the background and the student is directed to the next node.
  • If all the conditions are false, the student is redirected to the fallback path.
How might I use this? Quick Examples:
  • if the student Device type is Phone, then warn them about distracted learning.
  • if the student’s device Language is Espaniol, then route them to the Spanish version.
  • if Student score > 90, then route them to the “High Score” finish node.
  • if Student score < 60, then route them to the “Game Over” fail node.
How do you add a Conditional Node?

Open any Learning Maze or start a new one from your Mazetec Dashboard. Edit an existing Choice’s link or add a one and link to the new (< / >) Conditional Node and design your logic flow!

Learn more

New Data Import Features!

It’s now easier than ever to track and trace your student’s experience journey with Link Variables.

Import data to track your student’s journey of learning experiences!

Example import data:

Order Number

Anonymous ID for research

Parent course ID

Try an example:


Coming soon:

Create dynamic personalized experiences and use them in your learning maze.

Import dynamic student data orderID, courseID, or studentID! The possibilities are limitless!

Here’s how: Open any learning Maze -> Click “Setting” on the top right -> Scroll to the bottom

Try it today!

Text-Based Variables

Use the student’s name in your content to build personalized experience at scale and to heighten engagement!

  • %Name%! You only have %credits% remaining.
  • On no %name%! Why did you choose %last choice%?

Try it

New! You can Now Export Crowdsourced Open Choices to Excel

Screenshot of How to Export Crowdsourced choices from a scenario in Mazetec software

Learn how to use Open Choices to crowdsource your choices!

New email notification controls (and redesigned settings too!)

Control who receives email notifications with the student's result.

screenshot Mazetec email notification controls in the Maze settings

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New and other noteworthy features and updates
  • Autostart your Learning Maze. A new toggle on the Start node allows you to “press start” for the learner after a few seconds. A great enhancement to any Survey Maze.
  • Enhancements to the Analytics engine to capture the condition, external variables, and predefined variables.
  • Clearer Pricing on the organization create page
  • The beta plans are being deprecated
  • Certificate history moved to Certificate section
  • Consistent font sizes between the forms and nodes
  • Remove image boarder from player
  • Design enhancements
  • xAPI integration moved to paid plans
  • Updates to Guided Tour
  • Users on free plans are required to use the shared space.
  • Subdomains are no longer required
  • General bug fixes
  • Animation adjustments
  • Correct the image border in the Editor vs Player
  • Editor Guided Tour Text Changes
  • Improved indicators for mandatory fields

Trouble creating? Try crowdsourcing.

Here’s how.

Checkout this example and copy it to your account

  1. On the Scene node, under choices, click “Add open choice”.
  1. Student suggestions appear on the node
  1. Select and add as choices.

And we have so much more on the way!! Stay tuned!

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